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The Barbell Life Formula

Four Compound Moves For Fitness

Training and getting strong does not need to be difficult. You don't need a ton of machines and you don't need a large time commitment.

Four simple moves with a barbell will get it done - Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Deadlift.

Astonish yourself with your own capability


The low bar back squat - or "The Squat" - is known as the "King of Exercises" because of the combination of range of motion, total muscle mass involved and the potential weight that can be moved. Train your legs, glutes, back and abs all in one exercise.

BENCh press

Build chest, triceps and shoulder strength through this classic exercise. If you are sedentary and/or have a computer based job this is an important part of developing better posture.

Overhead press

Build shoulder and triceps strength, together with abs and quads. Again this a fantastic exercise to develop a better posture, especially for those who are sedentary and/or work long hours at a desk.


No movement can be more fundamental to human anatomy than to pick something off the ground. This simple movement will train most muscles in the body as you move more weight than you could ever believe you were capable of.

The Barbell Life Formula Steps

Focus on the four key compound moves.

As you improve other supplemental moves and accessories can be layered in.

Put these together into a co-ordinated and consistent program and you will get stronger, safely.

Regardless of age or gender.

This works.

Get your program for the week and video your last set of each move.

Upload on your phone or computer.

Receive a video review on technique, form, what's good, what's not.

Learn and repeat.


Keys to how your Barbell Life Formula training works


We will have a google meet discussion for you to ask questions and to go over the Formula. I will learn where you are, your goals, your concerns. If you are a beginner I will walk you through the moves and will ask you to send me form videos.

Custom Program

After detailed discussion a training plan for you to follow will be created. Each Sunday your online coaching dashboard will receive the program for that week.

Follow Program

When you receive your program do your training on the prescribed days and video the last set of each move. Upload the video to your online coaching dashboard along with any comments you wish to share.

Constant Review

Each video you submit will have a video review, including any form issues that need to be addressed, along with how to do that. These videos are used to refine your custom training program to ensure safe and effective progress.

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